Reach your business customers with effective B2B marketing

Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

At EdEX, we understand that the most prominent element to deliver truly effective marketing is the target audience. If you have not properly considered the right audience, your marketing activities will be in vain.

Businesses whose target audience are also businesses (B2B) face more marketing challenges than those who target individual consumers (B2C). 

B2B Marketing targets individuals who are taking decisions on behalf of entire entities, therefore their focus is on ROI, efficiency and expertise, and are driven by logic and financial incentives. B2B customers make long-term purchase decisions and need to be educated not only about your company, product or service, but also about their own problem.

With 15+ years of practical experience in B2B marketing with a number of renowned entities, we at EdEX shall help you develop effective and proficient B2B marketing strategies and execution activities that take into consideration the unique nature of your buyer personas and their purchasing objectives to help you realize your desired marketing and lead generation goals.

B2B Digital Marketing

Optimizing your digital presence including company website, SEO, PPC campaigns, e-mail campaigns and social media marketing.

B2B Content Marketing

Developing content strategies that align to the different stages of the buyer’s journey and educate them about the company, its services and the customers’ own pain points.

B2B Offline Marketing

Maximizing marketing effectiveness by combining online efforts with offline activities that come in contact with the customers in person, including events and trade shows, branded products, offline advertising and more.

How We Do It


Identify & Analyze Target Audience


Run Competitive Analysis


Develop Strategy & Identify Channels


Execute Activities